Sunday, October 24, 2010

Genesis Photo

This is my buisness....enjoy and COMMENT!

Ok so I am strange, I know this all my friends know this but maybe some of my tips might help out one of you out there.

So have you ever been in a place where you cant really wash your makeup??? I know it really sucks when you have that day after eye liner ring around your eyes, a simple solution use lotion (either body or face) put a medium thin layer under your eye. Let it sit for a few second and then using toilet paper wipe it off. The oil in the lotion should pull your eyeliner right off!

Here is a strange one, if you are in a situation where you need to re wear or wear your clothes for a long period of time (think stuck in a airport) I carry a small bottle of Fabreeze in my purse and will go in the bathroom in the hotel/ airport and spray the fabreez on it. Then shake it out until its dry.....It may be awesome but it will get you through without making those around you pass out!

If you are road tripping with kids (which can be great and or HORRIBLE!) here are some tips
I have a young girl "C" with a very bad habbit of becoming car sick, so first I took a sheet and placed it on the seats under the carseats tucking it in everywhere. Then I take a large plastic bag and cut it down the seam and place it on the floor in front of where her feat go. Also I have a "puke pack" ready to go filled with

extra set of clothes
dramamine (sp?)
two towels
baby wipes
travel sized mouth wash
two plastic bags.....

and good luck!

also have car only for use on the road. I have a cool magnet board a magna doodle and some fun small toys for the baby, all stay in the car and only get pulled out for trips over an hour.

also for road trip I keep special food in there for long trips, such as those pricey cookie and cracker packs. I try to get the 100 cal ones and whole wheat if I can. This way they are excitted about it and road trips take on a postitive light. a portable DVD player is always helpful too!

for diaper rashes I clean baby up and then blow dry his butt with a small blow dryer on cool setting, and then let him go in some soft shorts and no diaper around the house, if he pees I know because the pants are wet and I can change them,.... after that cream him up and diaper him! :-)

Trying out photography!

Hey hey hey!!!! I am trying my hand at doing personal photography, I had one of my first real shoots yesterday with a lovely girl. Here are some of the prints, let me know what you think!

And here is the link to see them all.....!/album.php?aid=2068160&id=1012682465

Friday, October 15, 2010

Honey I want to be famous...lets have ten kids!

WARNING- this is my personal opinion, just because I feel this way does not mean I think you should I am just venting it out! :-) Enjoy.....

I know there are MANY MANY blogs about the multiples shows out there. But there is a new one I want to talk about, it has been on my mind for a while now. The new TLC show Quints by Surprise....

First off how was this a surprise? You buy some sperm shoot yourself up with hormones and then are surprise when you are carrying a litter??? Have we learned nothing from John and Kate + 8??? Now Kate+8...... Then you say how poor you destitute the situation. I understand you built your mansion to sell but really you are living in a mansion! Then when time are "tough" you move into a mini mansion....that place is HUGE! you shop at designer stores and buy groceries from the whole food place. Seriously I am telling you this is NOT poor!

Poor is have nothing, no money, not enough food, no vehicle, a minimum wage job (if any) government support, and your home is definitely not a 6 figure establishment.

Give us all a break and please state what you really are, a yuppie upper middle class ( or lower upper class) family who had a ton of kids instead of adopting one. I know you wanted to joy of pregnancy again but hon your husband isn't even the father wouldn't it have been better to open your heart to a child or children who are already on this earth and who are desperately in need of a home???

I am sick of it and I refuse to watch, I tried to like you I did but I cant.....

TO the DUGGARS.....
Please for the sake of the human race, stop having babies! If every married couple had as many children as you our world could not sustain the population and we would all starve. Why have you been so selfish??? If you really want a football team of children ADOPT! or foster or something....This is just sad when there are couples all over the country who cant even babies yet you continue on your quest to see how far your uterus can take you....

To OCTO crazy MOM..... I feel for your kids, this month you sold all your valuable belongings including furniture to make your house payment. If you had no job no aspirations and no source of money to feed clothe and care for them why in the world did you have them??? ALL 14 of them!??! It is not a question of single moms not having the same rights or respect rather that a single mom who is forced into being one who has no option but to care for her kid/s would be disturbed to have you align yourself with her. You chose this! You made this life for yourself and now you refuse to receive any sort of help form the government. I Don't really want to have to pay for your life choices but I don't want those kids to suffer because of your thoughtlessness.

All in all can we as a society stop making these people famous??? Can we stop treating them like they have done some great awesome thing??? They  may not seek the fame but they sure as heck dont turn it down when they get it. Book deals and movie rights please can we just get a grip??? This is not reality TV it is just sad.....

Lest anyone forget Dionne is a recap

IM just saying.......

poor boo!

I hate it when my babies are sick and I dont know what is wrong.....I try to make them comfy and love on them push fluids and take temps but nothing can soothe someone who does not know why they hurt...that hurts my heart.... poor boo!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Product Review

Balmex Diaper rash cream stick


This product is a great idea and long coming. It reminds me of deodorant, actually it is the same exact design. You twist the bottom and the cream comes out the top like deodorant.

My only worry is sanitation, if any germs get on the top and are not cleaned you must make sure the BUM is clean and dry and after applying it wash the top of the stick and make sure it is REALLY clean.....

Overt all a great new product worth the $4.99 I think....

Foot IN Mouth..... fo sure

Good Morning ladies!

Have you ever had one of those know the ones...while in public, those mom brained moments?? lol funny story

insert foot in mouth and continue... :-)

yesterday we went to our local library and I see the toddler reading group is there. I ask the guy at the desk

me- "when did you change to program for child reading time?"
him- " what do you mean?"
me- "When did you change it to Wednesday's? I didn't know...and your sign is wrong"
him- "ummm I have not hered anything, here is a flyer"
me- "that is strange they wouldn't tell you!"

and I walk away,


I come up to the group of moms and kids

me- "HI! when did they change this to Wednesdays???"
me- " I wish I knew when things were changed! anyhow, what is the craft for today??"
them " apple drawing"

After I leave the Library I  call my friend and tell her all about the library and their mistake...
she says
" hun.... Today is Tuesday!"

OH...not feeling so clever at the moment! massive foot in mouth moment!