Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fast Day Two

Hey all, I made it!
Day two, lol I still have a LONG way to go! The hunger pains were bad for a while then I prayed and drank some broth and I felt MUCH better. I actually have MORE energy today than yesterday. Tomorrow I have another liquid/juice day and then one Tuesday it will be water only. then Wednesday-Friday are juice days. and so on until i am done.

I have been doing good with taking in liquid calories. Enough so that my body does not hurt too bad. But on my water day I am sure it will be intense.

Whether your addiction be sugar, salt or TV, fasting cuts at the spiritual roots of addiction: fear, insignificance, laziness, self-centeredness, guilt, negative thinking, resentment and spiritual emptiness. Fasting, being still, prayer and reading the Bible have the power of a chainsaw on these roots. During your fast, you take an aggressive stance on a battlefield to face all your addictions. Urges come and you say no. They return with greater urgency, and you stay firm in resolve. With each resistance, the power of addiction grows weaker.
I like thinking of myself on the battlefield of life, facing the toughest things in my life and standing firm!

In the Bible we were told to fast and we were given directions on how to do it. I feel honored to get to share the suffering of Christ. Even though it is only in a small fraction of the suffering He went through.

Tonight I am going to take a long bath and dive into His word. I am going to try to get closer to Him the deeper into this thing I go.

Thanks for joining me on this quest and reading along, if you want to leave a comment I would love that! I hope to write every day to chronicle what God has been doing in my life.


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